Guides-Alpamayo is a group of HIGH MOUNTAIN GUIDES  based all year in Chamonix, and also in Val d'Isère-Tignes, Espace Killy during the winter.

Some of us are also ski instructors and climbing instructors.

We have a tourism accreditation, we work generaly like a travel agency and organize trekkings and expeditions all year long.

It's been 23 years we supervise clients, our guides philosophy alsways has been the one of instructors, with pedagogy, more than just guiding "in front". 

Some of us speak 4 or 5 languages : english, spanish, italian, russian, some arabic, german. 

We speak english, Hablamos español, Parliamo italiano, Wir sprechen Deutsch


Yves ASTIER-P: High Mountain guide 
Cross-country ski instructor
echnical advisor in ski and mountain equipement 
Spanish teacher
Phone: +33 (0)6. 07. 78. 52. 44. 

A solid experience : 
  • Two time south face of the "Fou" in 1983
  • Speed records Chamonix 83 with J.M. Boucansaud (1h15 for the "Gervasutti du Tacul" pillar, etc (13h for the integral of the "Arêtes de Peuterey")
  • 150 first times and new runs, principaly in the south america mountain: the Andes, and also in Vercors, Vanoise, Himalaya, Hoggar, Jordanie, Sinaï...
  • 40 successful expeditions in the Andes like the south face of "Chacraraju" (new run) , two ascent of Fitz Roy by the south face (Californians pillar), the Cerro Torre (Maestri run from 1971)
  • Fitz Roy solo
  • ­Aconcagua ( 6996m ) on skis
  • 10 new runs in Bolivia, 25 in Peru (TD-ED, mainly glacier routes)
  • Attempt of the first ascent of Dhaulagiri ( 8047m ), in the Alpine style
  • Attempt solo until 7800m on the Broad Peak
  • Altitude of 8000m reached in 1984 on the Broad Peak
  • Opening of ice falls in Caucase
  • First french to climb and open difficult runs in Sinaï and in the chilian "Paine"
  • 40 new runs from 100 to 600m of difference of height in deserts (Jordania, Sinaï...= 7a )
  • Trango 1988 (Himalaya ) : new run
  • Caucase 1994, 1995 et 1997
  • Specialist of the BEN NEVIS and ice climbing in Scotland

Professionaly :
  • 12 ascents of Aconcagua (by the normal route or crossing east-west) and twice going down on skis (one by the normal route, one by the west face).
  • 4 trips on the volcanos in Equador
  • 2 ascents of Cotopaxi
  • Several ascents by foot or on skis of the Huascaran (6768m) highest summits in Peru
  • Opening of  several ice falls in Bolivia
  • Leading of many trekkings in Peru, Bolivia and Nepal.


We're supervising every winter and every summer, week courses of mountaineering, skiing and climbing.
We also propose (even if you contact us few days before) ascents with specific demand, private engagement, guide for a specific climb for one or several days, for individuals or groups, groups of children or summer camps : climbing, canyoning, via ferrata, mountaineering, snow shoeing, ski touring, cross-country ski, skiing, ice climbing,etc... 

We organise courses since 17 years (week-ends and weeks) of ice climbing every week during the winter ; since 23 years, every summer and all year long, we're supervising generaly weekly courses of MOUNTAINEERING, OFF_PISTE SKIING, SKI TOURING, CLIMBING, with always teacher training in the aim of b
ecoming autonomus, everytime people want to. Most of our weekly courses (or week-end) have the subtitle "become autonomus". 

We are also specialists of the mountains of ANDES and russian speaking countries (Caucase and other mountain of ex-URSS), but moreover passionates of south america where Yves ASTIER-PERRET has opened about 150 climbing runs from 1976 to 1996, Towers of Paine to Fitz-Roy, from the Andes to Peru to the ones in Bolivia, and the fabulous skiable volcanos of Osorno in Chile (the best ski in south america), from Aconcagua (top of the Americas) to the easy volcanos of Ecuador.

Le Tarod 
+33 (0)4 79 69 33 54 
+33 (0)6 82 37 62 80 
35 years old, English spoken 
I share my time beetween these two activities. As a high mountain guide, my principal satisfaction is being able to transmit my passion for the mountain. My main intention is making you progress as you're doing more courses and trying to build a solid relation within the groups. 

Example of ascents done individualy or professionaly:

Ski raids: 
4000 of Zermatt, 4000 of Sass fee, Chamonix-Zermatt, Oberland Bernois, Ortles, Silvretta, Dolomites 

Rock climbing: 
Tronchey ridge - Grandes Jorasses, Schaligrat crossing - North ridge - Weisshorn, Ferpecle ridge - Dent Blanche, aiguilles de Chamonix crossing, Dru crossing, Contamine run - Grand dru, Grépon, mer de glace, Gervasuti pillar - Mont Blanc du Tacul, South pillar - Barre des Ecrins, Dossier du fauteuil - Meije 

Misxed climbing:
Grandes Jorasses crossing, Mayer/Dibona - Dôme des Ecrins, Fourastier run - Ailefroide, 4 ânes ridges - Dent Blanche, Eperon Frendo - Aiguille du Midi, Inominatta ridge - Mont blanc, Kufner ridge - Mont Blanc du Tacul, Goulotte Grassi - Ailefroide Oriental, coste rouge ridge - Aifroide cental 

Snow & ice climbing
NW corridor - Pic Sans Nom, Lagarde & Ginat corridor - Droites, Naia - aiguille verte, integral of super corridor - Mont Blanc de Tacul, Goulotte Boivin - Dôme des Ecrins

Olivier OUDARD
High mountain guide since 2004 
34 years old

Main activities
Ski touring 
Ice climbing with few individual openings : 
Le bon, la brute et le truand (V/6/200m) in 2002 
Rentrez vivants, rentrez contents (VI/6/140m) in 2002 
La jambe de belle maman (V/6/M/140m) in 2006 

Fred Buttard
Originally from the Maurienne valley, my passion for mountains and travels made me naturally become a mountain guide. 
My runs as individual: North face of Grandes Jorasses, éperon Walker and Drus : northen corridor of the "american direct", the Droites : Jackson run, Ben Nevis (Scotland) by various paths, etc... Climbing: 7C, and 7A/B in wild terrain. 
As professional, I guided with success to the Aconcagua summit (6967 m), to the Elbrouz summit (5642 m) and the Cassin run of the north east face of Piz Badil (3350 m). 
My aim is to guide you, teaching you autonomy, while transmitting my experience and the hapiness of being in the mountain !



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