Climbing on snow, ice and rock in the Mont Blanc area

Introduction courses to mountaineering and climbing techniques on snow, ice and rock in the Mont-Blanc area.

  • Level: beginner
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: 450 €

You are a beginner or average mountaineer, and wish to gain autonomy.The objective of this course is to discover the world of high mountains and acquire or review the basics of security. From belay to rescue, including the progression within an autonomus cord in the different elements: snow, ice and rock.The program takes into account the level of the participants and allows to familiarize better with the different hardware and techniques related to the alpine environment.

  • Level: this course is made for beginner mountaineerers, having a little experience of high moutain and whish to become autonomus, lead a cord.
  • Supervision: Our courses are supervised by high mountain guides. The little number of participants allow us to propose a service of quality. Being a little group gives a better cohesion between the participants, a more friendly atmosphere and makes the course even more efficient.
  • Period /duration: 4 days /3 nights, from mid-june to end of august.
  • Group: 5 to 9 particpants
  • Accomodation: mountain refuges
  • Portage: backpack from 5 to 10kg
  • Price: 450 € for 4 days /3 nights, full board

Improvement training in mountaineering techniques in snow, ice and rock in the Mont-Blanc area.
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price: 450 €

This course is designed for mountaineering enthusiasts wanting to progress in learning and mastering in the technics of progression and security in the high mountains.
From belay to rescue through the progression in autonomus cord in the different elements: snowice and rock. The program takes into account the level of participants to familiarize better with the different hardwares and techniques related to the high alpine environmentLearn independence, autonomy and safety in high mountain in this exceptional site which is the Mont Blanc areaYou will admire during this course one of the finest glacial landscapes of Europe hile learning the mistakes to avoid and the technics of professionals in order to evolve yourself in maximum security whatever the terrain is.

  • Level : this course is for advanced moutaineers, whishing to learn to manage security, learn the guide's tricks to always gain time and save energy ; looking for the proper route, respect the timings, deal with the evolution and the management of the groups progressing on ridges.
  • Supervision: our courses are supervised by high mountain guides. The little number of participants allow us to propose a service of quality. Being a little group gives a better cohesion between the participants, a more friendly atmosphere and makes the course even more efficient.
  • Period / duration : 4 days / 3 nights, from mid june to end of august
  • Groupe : 5 to 9 people
  • Hébergement : high mountain refuges
  • Portage : backpack from 5 to 10 kg
  • Prix : 550 € for 4 days / 3 nights, full board 



You're an average or advanced mountaineerer and wish to gain autonomy.
Learn autonomy and security in hdans ce site exceptionigh mountain in this exceptional site of the Mont Blanc area.
You will admire, during this adventure, one of the most stoning glacier scenary in Europe, while you'll get to know the mistakes not to make and the technics of professional, in order to progress yourself in maximum security, whatever the terrain is.
The edge of "Cosmiques du Midi" is the perfect example of a mixt run where you need to deal with the different length of rope, and all the tricks to progress in security within a group.  

  • Duration : 4 days (or level 3 : 7 to 9 days)
  • Dates : every week, from monday to friday, june to september
  • Supervision: high mountain guide
  • Group : 3 to 5 people
  • Level : beginner (level 1) to advanced mountaineer (level 3)
  • Price : 720 € (level 1 & 2) - 1090 € (level 3)

Rock climbing courses in the Mont Blanc area (France and Switzerland) - Granite level 2

  • Duration : 5 days
  • Dates : every week from mid-june to mid-september
  • Supervision : high mountain guide
  • Level : from 5b to 6a max (can be a preparation for the course "Aiguilles de Chamonix")
  • Price : 650 €


Here's the program in these rock climbing courses: 

* Learning the basis of rock climbing as a follower (and as a head climber if you wish, even if you're climbing level 3). And this, in total security.
* On boulders: learning the mouvements and the technics of progression and placement (we also keep learning this on cliffs). 
* Using the gears : put the safety points. Put up a belay station in nature : belay station ?top rope? (belaying-abseiling)
* Learning to put up pitons, chocks, ropes, knots for wild areas, or cliffs non equiped like in USA or England. 
* Using rope in climbing school, at the belay station, or on a rock edge ... 
* Method of belaying, self-belaying, self-rescue. 

  • Duration : 5 days
  • Dates : from the 2nd of July
  • Supervision : high mountain guide
  • Price : 795 €

Aiguille Verte course - Mont-Blanc area

From march to july, generaly, ascent of the "Couturier" couloir + "Bettembourg" exit and for the way down: either by the "Jardin" ridge, the Whymper, abseiling (East face) or the "Moine" ridge ; ( or FRENDO/ RAVANEL chute (5+) which doesn't end at the summit; and another day ascent of AIGUILLE VERTE by the VIVAGEL chute or another easier way)  

  •     Duration: 8 days
  •     Dates : every week from mid-april to mid-july. Departure on saturdays.
  •     Supervision : high mountain guide
  •     Price : 1100 €


Departure on mondays from mid-june to mid-september

You're an average or confirmed mountaineer and wich to gain autonomy.    
Learn autonomy and security in high mountain, in the exceptional site of the Mont Blanc area.  
You will admire during this course one of hte most wonderful glacier scenary in Europe, while learning the mistakes not to do and technics of professionals, in order to progress yourself in maximum security, whatever the terrain is.  
 The "Cosmiques du Midi"ridge is the example of a mixt climb in which you need to use variable distances of rope and to all the tricks to evoluate in security and autonomy. 

Ascent of the Droites (4001 m) / Mont-Blanc area.

  • Duration : 4 days
  • Price : 1595 €
The Droites, situated beetween the Aiguille Verte and the Courtes, has two summits : the west summit (3 984 m), climb for the first time on July 18th 1876 by W. A. B. Coolidge with Christian Almer and Ulrich Almer ;  
the East summit (highest point, 4 001 m), first time climbed on on august 7th 1876 by Thomas Middlemore, John Oakley Maund and Henri Cordier with Johann Jaun and Andreas Maurer.  
This beaytiful mixt climb takes you in the high mountain universe to the ascent of a inevitable summit and not really busy beetween the "jardins de Talèfre" and the Argentière glacier. 

Abilities needed to do this climb :   
- steady training in high mountain and altitudes above 3500m     
- control of the crampons on snow or ice, on 35/40 degres gradient    
- walk with crampons on snowy rocks      
- climbing up and down easily on level 3 rocks     
- control of the belaying technics and security in high mountain : improvement course in the Mont Blanc area 
  • Type of climb: skills on rock level 3 and snow/ice, rarely steep. Level/ quotation : AD+
  • Preferable experience : climb by normal route like "dent du Géant", "aiguille du Moine", etc.
  • Level : this climb needs to have control of mountaineering technics : level AD to D, in high mountain, higher than 3500 m and therefore, require a good physical condition.
  • Supervision : our courses are led by high mountain guides. 1 guide for 2 participants.
  • Period/duration : 4 days/ 3 nights from mid-june to end of august.
  • Group : 2 participants.
  •  Acomodation: refuges.
  • Portage : backpack of 7 to 10kg
  • Price : 1595 € for 4 days/ 3 nights, on full board




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